Hi Tricia, Here is Olive & I doing yardwork! She's a great helper & smart as heck. We love her so much- pretty little girl :) Our best dog ever!!! Thank you WiggleButts. Inga

Hello! My name is Ashley and I purchased a blue merle male mini australian shepherd puppy from you back in November. He was formerly known as "Rain #4" but is now known as Koda! Seeing as Thursday was his 1st birthday, I wanted to send you an update! Koda is a fun-loving, happy little pup! We took 12 weeks of puppy training at Petco, so he is well trained! He knows how to sit, lay down, shake, and stay (sometimes). He does not run away when off leash, and we are hoping to soon get into agility classes! He has made many friends with my friends' dogs, including his girlfriend Hayley who is a shepherd mix, and his big brother Soko who is a giant husky! He was very well socialized from the beginning so he loves playing with other dogs and loves getting attention from people. For the first couple months, we went to something at Petco called "Puppy Play Time" where only dogs under 8 months were allowed to go to learn to socialize. Now we love going to the dog park 5 minutes away from our house at least once a week and the dog beaches in both Long Beach and Huntington Beach. He has gone to some pretty cool places like the Cal State Long Beach Powwow and the St. Patrick's Day Parade. He also loves to come to restaurants with me that allow dogs, like Lazy Dog Cafe, because he will usually get something off the doggy menu! We had a 1st birthday party for him yesterday and invited all of his doggy friends over! I think the thing he's best at is morning cuddles- he loves to lay on his back with his feet up in the air and his head on my chest. I love this dog so much, he is my baby! Thank you so much for trusting me to give him a good home. I have attached a word document full of pictures of his great adventures, enjoy! -Ashley S.


Rain & Cash pup, Piper 3/30/2020

Our sweet girl is now 14 weeks old. Heavenly Mini Aussies was definitely heaven sent. Our experience from the moment we had our first conversation to this very one has been above and beyond. You become apart of the Heavenly Mini Aussies family. Our sweet Piper loves playing, running, being outside, going for walks and sleeping. She loves meeting new people who wanna rub her belly or throw her ball. We are enjoying watching her grow and learn new things. We are truly in love. We can't thank you enough for blessing us with our sweet Piper. We will send you more updates as she grows. Chris & Nikipiper

scoutPenny & Oso Pup


Scout is now 4 months and a bundle of joy! He adapted so well to his new home and is extremely smart. He learned over 7 tricks within the first week of coming home. He's a perfect addition to our home and we've already referred several people to Heavenly Mini Aussies. Thanks HMA for our sweet boy! H.T





Hi There! I’m Zinny, short for Zinfandel, and I’m sometime known as Zinny the Wino Aussie. I’m so happy in my new home with my hooman Sam and her family. Thank you for sending me here. They’ve been so amazing to me! I’ve been Sam’s wingpup since day once because you sent me home with 2 rounds of my shots. Thanks for that! My hooman says I’m her perfect adventure buddy, super loving, and am always so happy and smiley. Although I can be a little bit stubborn at times, but I’m an intelligent Aussie. What did she expect? Apparently I’m a social little dude. I’m always making new friends everywhere my hooman takes me. Going to work is my favorite part of my day because I get to hang out with 14 of my closest other hooman friends. I just like to make friends with everyone and want to play all the time. Nothing wrong with that! I’m really learning to love football. I’m my household's official Chargers mascot. And I LOVE the beach, although I’m still not so sure about the whole water thing. Maybe I’ll learn go to like it. And cuddling, oh man that’s my favorite activity after a long day. Snuggling up with my hooman. And we’re super active together. I want to go running with my mom, but she says I have to wait until I’m older. Guess I’ll settle for rounds and rounds of fetch or visits to the dog park for now. My hooman wanted me to pass along a message. That she is so grateful for having found you and how you matched her up with me. We’re a prefect duo. She said you were super easy to work with, and was so grateful for all the advice you gave before to help set us up for a smooth transition into my new home. So many people ask where I come from and she’s always telling them this awesome woman at Heavenly Mini Aussies. Woof! Zinny and Sam Greta & Oso 2018 Pup


Everything about my experience with Heavenly Mini Aussies was absolutely perfect. From answering all my new dog owner questions, to advice on what food and items to buy before my little boy, Hemi (short for Hemsworth), was delivered to my home. Before I made my decision, HMA and I had a long phone conversation about what I was looking for in a dog and what type of life style I currently life. I was torn between two of her pups (because they are all adorable) and once I told her what kind of pup I was looking for, she ‘matched’ me with my little Hemi. Because of his upbringing with Heavenly Mini Aussies, she knew his personality extremely well and he is a PERFECT fit into my family. Hemi is happy and healthy - and is a BIG fan of snuggles! Already thinking about getting another pup so Hemi can have a companion. Would definitely go through HMA again. Thank you HMA for EVERYTHING. A. Hughes BunBun+Cash Pup


Heavenly Mini Aussies is true to it’s moto, they’re pups are “child tested and mother approved”. We have a pup to prove it! I contacted HMA while on vacation to see if she had any pups available. To our delight, she did. Even though there was a time difference between us, she made the entire process simple and easy.


We got home from our vacation 2 days before our pup was to be delivered. Not knowing what to expect from a pup we’d never personally met was new for us. When Ed, the incredibly kind driver, brought Remington (Remi) to us, it was a though this was his home all along. If you’ve ever had a new pup, many times they’re scared, shy, or unsure of new surroundings. Not Remington. He was super excited to meet us, and his new playmates (another mini Aussie and a JRT, and some cats;-D).


I strongly believe Remington’s sweet lovable nature is due to HMA and her family at Heavenly Mini Aussies. He is proof they spend time loving and nurturing their pups from the time they are born. Hands down, when we are ready for our next Aussie, we will only go through Heavenly Mini Aussies. Thank you HMA & fam for blessing us with such a bundle of joy!!



❤️ The Heller Family Remington - adorable pup of Cash & BunBun

Tess/Cash Pup

Our sweet Sophie girl brings us so much joy, she is such a delight, we love her beyond words. Everyday, we are thankful that we found Heavenly Mini Aussies and Sophie is part of our family. Our veterinarian was so impressed that a breeder would be caring and responsible enough to hand deliver her to us in California. These steps ensured her safety and well-being and did not subject an eight week old puppy to a long, frightening and sometimes unsafe plane flight. Our vet went on to say that she is a perfect example of breeding at it's best. Sophie's disposition and personality are better than we could have hoped for, she is so gentle and loving and loves to snuggle. There is also a playful and very sassy side. She is extremely intelligent and learns a new command almost daily. We our grateful knowing that she had the very best start from a responsible breeder. Only the very best was provided during her first weeks, everything from researching the best food and vitamin, proper vet care and a five-star environment. We can't thank you enough. We tell all of our friends about Heavenly Mini Aussies. Please know that you have our highest possible recommendation and respect. The Durrell's

3-11-18 "Hi" my name is Charli.



Thank you HMA for bringing me to my humans! We have lots of fun playing together with lots of snuggle time too. We watch movies together (my favorite is "Maleficent") and my favorite new game I am learning is "hide and go seek". All humans who meet me fall under my charms and think I am "heavenly" and want one of me too. I"m called "just the perfect size" 14 inches and 16 lbs., 8 months old.


HMA, my humans tell me how amazing you were to work with and in matching us up- they are right. We love that you check on me and are there for us when we have needed advice. Rain/Cash Pup

HMA, 2/24/18



We found you 2 years ago when we found Addie on your website. She is beautiful Blue Merle. She has been a great addition to our family. I am always checking out your website checking out the puppies and we all fell in love with a Black Tri. (8 months) He is such a sweet dog. Your dogs have such great personalities.


Thank you for such great dogs. T.E.


FinnMy handsome boy is one year old today! We couldn't love him more! He is such a good dog!Equally playful and sweet, so smart and little mischievous. He loves walks, hikes, snuggling and his toys, especially squeaky balls. He's just the BEST! Hope you are doing well. Just wanted to send you an update on Finn.




My testimonial:

“The process of getting my sweet Dani girl was so quick and easy thanks to HMA. They were incredibly helpful and did everything and more to ensure she was healthy, personable, and not to mention the most precious little girl ever. HMA is always willing to help and answer any questions if need be- and HMA puppy delivery was so awesome!!! All the puppies were safe and sound...who doesn’t love a cute pup delivered to their front door?! I can’t thank HMA enough. The best pups ever! “ -Stefani from Reno Nevada


Here's a testimonial: We adopted our beautiful blue-eyed, red- tri Sydney from Heavenly Mini Aussies in December 2016 and she has completely transformed our lives. Sydney is my first dog and she is the sweetest puppy you will ever meet. She is friendly to all and has the best temperament. She loves to play with any dog or human who will play with her and loves to jump in the water at dog beach. HMA's dogs are incredible and they will steal your heart. We are now considering getting Sydney a sibling from Heavenly Mini Aussies. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to adopt a new Aussie into their family.

 HMA, can you give us your vet's information? Little buddy just hit 6 pounds! So we want to schedule his neuter over the next couple months. He got his second round of shots today! His name is Finley! And we love the little guy! He's so smart, and we're having more and more fun with him everyday! Except he loves sleeping on our shoes for some reason lol!


Thank you. Talk to you soon. Hope all is well.

Hello HMA, I just wanted to say thank you again for providing me with such a wonderful companion! I couldn't ask for a better dog:) Baloo is growing and learning so fast. Hope all is well! - Nick

6/14/17 Hi HMA! Benjamin is almost a year old now, and still Liam's best friend! Hope your doing well! L & B

6/1/17 Hi HMA: Thank you so much for bringing our lovely little Mavrik into our lives. Mavrik is such a sweet and loving little boy. He is incredibly smart and everyone we meet is impressed with how beautiful, intelligent and well behaved he is. We've only had him for four weeks now so we credit that in large part to you. Having bought several animals from breeders over the years I am so impressed with your knowledge and your process for raising these dogs. Your puppies are exceptional. You know so much about the breed and we appreciate how willing you are to share that with us and to provide us with guidance in raising our pup. You care so much about your dogs even after they go on to their new families. We could not have picked a better breeder or a better puppy and we are so thankful and so blessed to be a part of the Heavenly Mini Aussie family. We wish you the best in your move and we hope to keep in contact and continue to share Mavrik's photos and stories with you. We also created an instagram account for Mavirk @Mavrik_the_mini_aussie so you can see what he is up to on there as well!

6/21/17 Hi HMA, Reyna is a year old today. She's still a diva. Her favorite things are herding the cats, chasing bubbles, tummy rubs and spreading her toys all over the house. She makes friends wherever she goes and people love her sweet personality. She sits on top of the small cat tree to watch out the window. We wondered how she would fit in with 3 cats. Sometimes she seems to think she is one and our little female Maine Coone is her playmate. We're so happy we added her to our family of fur babies (even if we haven't managed to teach her to pick up her toys yet). All the best from Shari and Shannon

Checking out the birds :) Finnick is now 7.9 lbs and getting long legs! Puppy classes are going well! Hope you are all doing great. Taylor

Hi HMA! It's Kurt & Lisa! His name is Shiloh. He already knows his name! What a happy, playful, loving little boy he is!! Thank you so much for him! Here are some pics!


We could not be happier with our two fur babies. They make us laugh every day. Blue and Cali are inseparable and they are always getting into mischief. They continue to learn new tricks and amaze us with how smart they are. Thank you for everything and we will definitely keep in touch. Jen & Hank

Hi HMA, How are you? Sorry we've been so busy planning our wedding! We love Brü so much, she is like our little child. She's fun and mischievous, she loves to play catch and go to the park. And her favorite game is keep away, she is definitely part of our family. I will send some pictures for you in a separate email! Thanks! Best, R. Meyer

HMA, Ryeli is the best decision we've ever made - but let's be honest... there was nothing to "decide" when we met her. She was coming home with us, no questions asked. We could not be luckier she's a part of our family! In every way, she has made our lives, and the lives of those who meet her, better. And she meets a lot of people... we can't walk down the street without stopping every block to meet our new best friends. Not a day goes by that we don't hear how beautiful, loving, and well-tempered she is. She continues to live up to the second half of her name ("Rye", as a tribute to her dad, Whiskey... "Li", short for Lilliputian) - at eight months old, she still hasn't hit 15 pounds, but she thinks she can hang with the big dogs. She gets along with everyone and had never once lived up to any of the small dog stereotypes. At the park and everywhere else, she loves nothing more than running and making sure her " herd" is all together. She's learning to love the water, though digging at the beach and chasing birds are absolute priorities! Ryeli's other talents include sleeping on your face, tearing up paper, counting to two (mom+dad=happy), finding sticks five times her size, and supporting Dad's dreams of her becoming a future agility dog. Working with HMA was the easiest thing in the world - she was personable, supportive of her fur babies, and exceedingly patient. Thank you for helping us meet the love of our lives! Ryeli is truly the best!

Koey has been an excellent addition to our family. She is smart, beautiful, and has an excellent temperament. TheKoey kids love her! We take Koey everywhere with us, and we get compliments wherever we go. Melanie

Hi HMA, here are a few pics of Harley. She is 13 months now, still full of energy. She's brought a lot of love and happiness to our home. Her and Sasha (our older female) have become very close. We are very proud to call her ours. Thanks! The Dreisbach's

Hi HMA. This is our wiggle butt, Tonga. He is doing very well and we are excited to celebrate his 2nd birthday on Friday (1-22-16). He is a very busy boy, loves to have things to do, and is an excellent protector of his family and his home. He can be a bit stubborn at times and will "talk back" when he doesn't get his way, but ultimately he does what he is told. Such a distinct personality! We love our fluffy double blue eyed fur baby! ❤️ The Montoya Family

Buttercup is the smartest, happiest, most adorable thing in the world. She obviously came from a happy and healthy family. We can't thank you enough for giving us such a wonderful gift. J. Bailey

Hi HMA, Mr. Magoo is such a joy to be around and a wonderful addition to our family! From the moment we brought him home he bonded with us. The kids have a blast playing with Mr. Magoo everyday! He is such a sweet loving dog and weighed 36 lbs at his last checkup. This little guy has strong herding instincts and tended to grab the kids pants when they were running. We taught Mr. Magoo to find his toy and hold it in in mouth when he is running around with the kids so no more pants grabbing. Additionally, he is a watch dog which provides peace of mind when he is in the backyard with the kids. You will be alerted when something or someone is on our property. On the flip side of that, when we took him out in public he was shy and timid where there were a lot of people around. I knew that was something we had to work on when he was a puppy. I enrolled him in puppy training and we attended class every week for 6 months. We didn't have to keep him in training that long because within 2 months he was over his shyness. We kept him in training so my kids could learn how to work Mr. Magoo because these dogs not only need exercise but also need daily mental stimulation. He ended up being the star pupil in class and thrives on working on new challenges. Mr. Magoo knows visual and verbal commands for all the basics plus a few others (sit, down, stay, on your doggie bed, side/heel, leave it, focus/watch, play dead, rollover, freeze dance, shake paws, and even rings the bell hanging from the door to notify you when he wants to go outside). Super smart dog! We just got a beginners agility training kit and are starting on that next. That is all I have for now. I have included a picture of Mr. Magoo dressed in his rain jacket when he was 8 months old and attached a picture of him when he was around 14 weeks old. Thanks again for everything! Kimberly G.

Hello, Although these photos are 6-7 months old, Miss Nova is a very energetic and loving puppy. She has been a joy and a fast learner. She is great with her human brothers who couldn't imagine life without her. We recently added a Miss Stella who is a kitten we adopted and they are almost best friends. Thank you, Lana L.

Hey HMA ! So glad to hear from you. Oh my gosh, Scarlett is the best dog ever. She is the MOST friendliest dog in the world and loves Eleanor. I knew Australian shepherds were known for their intelligence, but that is an understatement. House training was very easy for us and haven't had many issues with that at all. As you probably remember, when I first contacted you about Scarlett you had mentioned that she did have a significant overbite and that you thought maybe she might outgrow it. Im happy to say you were right and she did quickly grow in to her mouth, everything adjusted quite nicely with no overbite in sight. She's always the quickest and best frisbee catcher at the dog park and loves to attempt to herd all the large dogs. Haha she's small compared to other mini Aussies we've seen, but it worked out perfect for our house size and family. I cannot imagine a better dog. Her ears actually never fell down, but it just made us love her even more. Everyone always compliments her ears. I know that it is actually considered a flaw when it comes to standards (I've been told) but to be honest it's our favorite thing about her. She rides excellent for long car rides and has even camped with us up in Yosemite this past summer in a tent. She even swam in the little lakes and streams. I honestly cannot thank you enough for Scarlett. She has grown in to the most beautiful puppy and brings so much happiness to our house . I feel like any picture I take honestly does not do her justice. she never seems to stand still long enough for a picture. lol but here are a few from the past months from my computer. I have more recent ones on my phone so ill send you those as soon as I send this message. The Perdue Family

We love our Sadie!! The Vargas Family

"Athena has been the greatest addition to our little family. She is learning so quickly and loves everyone she meets. Everyone just adores her. She is our little baby thank you so much for raising such great little pups! You really go above and beyond to help out new owners. -The Baxters"


Pics of Betty K. Neilsen

HMA. Thank you very much for giving us such a wonderful gift. Tarka is the best dog ever. He is the friendliest, greatest dog. Everybody loves him. Training was easy. He even learned to count. Yours, Ilona Albert

Happy New Year's from Tarka! He's doing geat! He's sweet and smart. Looks like his daddy, Whiskey. He can count too. Best, I. Albert

Hey HMA, This is Viktor. That's Koa on the Left in the picture. He's doing great, busy as ever.

Hey HMA! I just wanted to say thank you again for Cooper. He is an amazing dog and EVERYBODY loves him. He is unbelievably well behaved, within a week he has already learned sit, lay down, stay, and come! He's had a few accidents but other than that I can't ask for a better pup! Thanks again! M.D.

Percy is doing well, he excelled in puppy training class and won 3 awards. Sylvia

Luna is a pretty perfect puppy, and I'm so glad I got her! I've wanted a dog for years and finally have the time for one, and Luna has been a perfect addition to my life. She's lovable and such a sweetheart, but loves puppy playtime too! She's been having a great time playing with my boss's dog at the office - they wear each other out every day! She's so smart and fun, I can't imagine life without her now! I'm so excited to continue to watch her grow into the great dog I know she will be. Lindsay C.

Hi HMA, I wanted to give you an update and let you know how much fun I've had with Biscuit since bringing her home. She's the most popular puppy in my neighborhood and every staff member of the Parker Palm Springs learned her name when I stayed for just a few days. She's insanely smart and has loads of energy. Her personality is coming through in spades. I can't imagine life without her. Thanks so much for everything! Karl

Hi HMA! Meelo has been such a welcome addition to our family. The kids just adore him. He is such a treat and provides smiles to everyone who meets him. Thank you for helping us in the process bringing him to our home. You have been very helpful in answering all my questions. All the upfront attention (e.g. shots, neutering, etc.) and post regimen detail (e.g. probiotics/nutrient schedule, etc.) that you provide and recommend should not go unnoticed. Our vet is very impressed with the service that you provide the pups to ensure a nice healthy transition away from mom/litter to their new home. Thank you for providing such a wonderful pup. We look forward to the memories that we will have with Meelo. We will definitely keep in touch!! We are very proud to be part of the HMA family. The Calma’s.

Hi HMA!! The first day James and I met Mikey we fell in love!!! We are extremely thrilled to add Mikey as part of our family! Mikey is full of energy but so smart! Mikey learned to sit and lay down on command after two weeks!! Thank you HMA for being so patient and helpful throughout the process! Thank you for the quality of Aussie pups! HMA you rock!! Mikey is out there ready to protect and serve! :) With love, James and Olivia

I had been looking for a puppy/dog for months, looking at all of the local shelters on line but didn't see anything that caught my eye. I was in Yuma at a flea market and saw my first mini aussie and knew that was the dog for me. I started looking on line at breeders from Nor Cal to Arizona but kept coming back to Heavenly Mini Aussie's. I have 2 granddaughters that visit me multiple time a week and HMA s mention of kid tested, mother approved was very appealing. I fell in love with puppy number 7 from Riley and Whiskey' s litter and named her Cheyenne. HMA was great. I haven't had a puppy in years and she answered all of my questions. She also sent me pictures of Cheyenne regularly so I could watch her grow. We picked her up last weekend and she has become a member of our family. She is smart, beautiful, funny and great with my granddaughters. Thanks HMA. B.M.

After twelve years without a dog, we met Missy, a Heavenly Mini Aussie. Love at first sight. She is not only beautiful, but she has so many of the qualities we were really looking for. She loves children and other dogs, perfect for our 2 grandchildren and 2 grand dogs. She looks at us with so much expression that we think we know what she is thinking. She is a very smart dog, sometimes I am sure she is smarter than we are. Never thought I would feel this way about a dog, but I am totally ga ga. My little girl. HMA has made us so welcome in her family, and that is greatly appreciated. We love seeing the new litters and also Missy’s mother. What a great place for Missy to have grown up in. What a wonderful experience! Katof Family

Hi Callie pup is doing great! Got carsick on way home- hope she outgrows that! Made herself right at home. Ruling the house already. What a sweet heart. So glad I found you guys and her!! LeAnn

Harley: Sky and Whiskey pup After 10 years of having our older dog Sasha, we decided it was time to get another puppy. We had been so lucky with Sasha and were very concerned about finding the right dog. We saw one of HMA pups at the beach and asked the owner for her number. After talking to her we knew she was the right person. Our hearts were set on a toy Aussie but when we went to meet her dogs, we met Harley (a regular size mini pup), and fell in love with her. She was sweet and mellow just what we were looking for. A few weeks later we brought her home. Harley is the cutest thing, very smart and with lots of energy. She's also a great cuddler. She's getting along just fine with Sasha and we couldn't be happier. HMA was very good about sending us updates and pictures before we could bring Harley home and after we did, by checking up on her to see how she was doing. We would definitely recommend HMA and will come to see her again in 10 years, maybe earlier this time :) Aussies are simply the best pets we humans can have. They are loyal companions, smart, active, very loving and overall, heavenly awesome! The Dreisbach's

This has been the best experience I could have possibly imagined. We were so lucky to find HMA and her family when we did, or we might have been forced to buy from a pet store. Tricia was beyond helpful and flexible throughout the entire process, not to mention the very reasonable price. Not only was I able to meet the beautiful puppies, I was invited into their home to meet the entire family, including the parents of the puppies and the giant cats who let the puppies climb all over them without a care in the world. If we ever have an issue we know we can call HMA for advice and guidance, as being new parents can be an overwhelming process at first. J.B.


Emmett is the perfect compliment to our family! We have three boys ages 9, 7 and 3. Emmett can match their energy while being comforting, kind and gentle to those rare down times in our house. He is a very smart dog! We are very blessed to have him as apart of our family. I highly recommend Heavenly Mini Aussies without hesitation! Heavenly Mini Aussies is a wonderful asset to those looking for a wonderful dog!! Best, The Warmingtons


We welcomed Juicy to our family just around Christmas time. She was 6 months old at the time, already crate trained and potty trained. She was a great role model for the other baby Aussie our family welcomed at the same time. We say she is the well behaved- “good one” (: As a Toy Aussie, she is much smaller but has proven to be energetic and fun. We love her and wish we could welcome more Aussies to our family! Erik, Ali and (4) Kids.



On the day we first met Heavenly Mini Aussies, we were not intending to take home a pup. We wanted to go see the litter and ask our many questions about the breed. I spoke with HMA before our visit and told her what characteristics we were looking for in a pup. She had selected several pups for us to see and we just fell in love with Fiji; he was exactly what we were looking for. HMA spent close to two hours with us and was so patient in answering questions, that we could not help but take Fiji home with us that day. She understood what we were looking for and paired us with a pup has that fit in wonderfully with our family. She even continued to assist us as we settled in with our new pup. Fiji is a gentle, sweet and laid back boy and we just love him! The Dadant Family

Sky/Whiskey Pup We have had our little girl one week and she is in our hearts! We are AMAZED with her smartness, affectionate nature, kindness and fun/devoted personality. We have loved our dog Hula from day one. The breeder sent us pictures of her early on and started the bonding! We can't say enough good things about working with HMA durring the days leading up to taking her home! She is part of "our family" now! THE CEREDA FAMILY

Colt is such a joy to have around. He is always happy and full of energy. We brought Colt home in the summer of 2013 and purchased him as a companion for our other Mini Aussie. They bonded perfectly and are the best of friends. Colt loves to play ball and we always joke that he was Babe Ruth in his former life. He has a gentle sole, active personality and loves to play with both dogs and people. Tricia at Heavenly Aussie was very helpful and knowledgeable about her puppies. She offered to help register Colt and even offered to make a veterinarian recommendation for shots and neutering. Tricia encouraged us to keep in contact and also made us feel as if she cared about the puppies she was selling (this is not always the case with other breeders). All together our experience with Heavenly Aussies was wonderful. We would not only recommend her to others but already have! Thank You,


The Hughes Family

Koda is doing so amazing, he is a very intelligent dog and picks up all the tricks we teach him amazingly fast. He’s so perfect for our family, and almost never leaves our side. He was a little shy at first of newcomers, but now he’s opening up more to both guests and the outside world. When we first wanted a dog it went to the back of our to-do list, jumbled up in the excitement of our friend’s new dream dog (A mini aussie, too), and the idea of a new companion just got kind of lost as time went by. Then there was that one day where our friend sent us a link of an adorable mini aussie pup - the possibility of having a puppy in our family - and became a huge priority, searching among various listings. Our friend sent us a link to the future Koda and Heavenly Mini Aussies seemed to be the perfect place to look. HMA was super helpful in our challenging quest to choose a dog. She suggested which dogs we might like as a warm addition to our family, and answered any questions we had. We were originally looking at a litter of 4-week-old dogs that were adorable but there were way to many to choose from. Koda was fifteen weeks and a little timid, but as we sat down with the family, it became clear which dog we should get. Koda dazzled us with his blue eyes, but now that we have him, he’s much more then a pretty dog, he’s a family companion! We get stopped all the time by people complimenting on the behavior of Koda and how beautiful he is. Thanks so much for our wonderful Koda! We’ll send more updates in the future as he grows, and in the mean time while we’ll definitely be suggesting HMA if anyone is ever in search of a family dog :D. Text and pictures by Chloe H, age 12





We bought our pup, Pepper from Heavenly Mini Aussies and the whole experience was excellent! We were in contact with HMA for a few months before we were finally ready and she communicated well and was extremely helpful. We couldn't be happier with Pepper! We fell in love with her immediately and now we are one big happy family!!!


Thanks HMA! The Lovejoy family

Choosing Heavenly Mini Aussies was the best decision I have ever made! HMA was incredibly helpful, informative, and answered any/all of the questions that I had for her. I knew immediately when I got off the phone HMA would be where I got my dog. She asked me all the right questions and was genuinely concerned with where her puppy was going. Fast forward a few weeks and I could not be happier with my new best friend Ozzy. He is incredibly handsome, extremely smart (learned 7 commands in 2 weeks!), energetic, and loves everyone that he comes into contact with. He can be a brat when he's tired but aren't we all? :) I would highly recommend purchasing a Mini Aussie and joining the HMA family. You will not regret it, and you can count on getting the best dog imaginable from a breeder who truly loves and takes pride in her dogs. I know I will be purchasing another Aussie from HMA in the future! -Chase

Heavenly Mini Aussies is a wonderful and great place to find the perfect dog. The breeder is friendly and truly cares about what's best for you and the dog. HMA takes the time to pair you with the right dog, she is also timely with all of the paperwork, she even sends your puppy home with a great take home package. I would not go to any other breeder! The puppies are the cutest things in the world. Heavenly Mini Aussies is the best! Candice

Hi HMA, I just wanted to provide you a update on our precious Maya. We have only had her 2 weeks now and she is already fully a member of the family. She is perfect! She is beautiful, fun, and smart. Not to mention very healthy. We could not be happier, thank you for sharing this wonderful puppy... it wont be long before we will want a puppy for her friend. These are truly amazing dogs!! The Lovci Family

We purchased our little girl, and could not be happier. She has came into our family and fit right in! The quality of the mini Aussies from HMA Heavenly Mini Aussies are superb! They use the most up to date vitamins and other pet care essentials. Our vet stated "that it is one of the most organized and well established breeder he has seen in a long time". I would not only recommend these wonderful animals, but I would only recommend and purchase from HMA Heavenly Mini Aussies! Thank you again for completing our family! Thank you, Lana Lasiter

On Easter Sunday 2014 my son and I set out to adopt our new family member, "Lilly"! After a 4 1/2 our drive we finally met our Lilly. Such a pleasure to find a breeder that was so down to earth and just wanting to match her beautiful puppies with the best forever homes possible. Lilly has been such a wonderful addition to our family. Lilly and I started puppy obedience training 5 weeks ago and she is so smart! Even her teacher that only raises full size tri color aussies for agility, is amazed at how fast she picks up on all the tasks that are asked of her. Our goal is to get into the agility classes. I have no doubt that she will excel at it. Thanks again to Heavenly Mini Aussies for our Lilly! *O:-) angel Angie & John

Sky/Truman Pup

Brady has been a wonderful addition to our family. He is friendly, healthy, affectionate and eager to please. He took right away to crate training and using a leash. At five months he can already join me and my other older dog for daily jogs. He also potty trained rather easily. He is wonderful with my seven and nine year old sons. Brady has fit very well into our busy lifestyle and comes along to the boys baseball tournaments. He is friendly with new people and new dogs. And don't get me started on how darn cute he is! He gets quite a bit of attention due to his good looks. We love that he is going to be just the right size, not too big but not too small either. HMA was wonderful to work with and has been available anytime I have had questions. She invited my family to meet all of the puppies and we also met both parents of the litter. She runs a professional operation without the arrogance you encounter from some breeders. We have very much enjoyed becoming part of the Heavenly Mini Aussie family. Ranshaw Family


Sky/Truman Pup


Teller is a great little pup. Did I say little? He's growing in leaps and bounds. We are enjoying his company and his playful love and energy. He adapted to his new home right away. Potty training was quick and easy. He is a wonderful dog and all that meet him, adore him.The Newell's

Spirit/Bullet Pup


I am sorry we have fallen behind on getting you photos of Spot.  He has completed his Puppy Training, (everyone agrees he is SO SMART!) and is truly a wonderful dog.


My husband and I decided it was time to get our first puppy together. I stumbled across Heavenly Mini Aussies (HMA) and I just knew we’d found our breeder. HMA was great. She took the time to talk us Billythrough the process and find out what we were looking for in a pet then made suggestions based on our conversations. We decided to let the puppy choose us. Billie Holiday chose us and she made it very clear we were her humans by attaching herself to the back of my shoe and not letting go. She was the smallest one but she has so much personality. When we brought her home, she settled right in. She loves her walks and her toys. She loves to sit on “her” pillow on the couch to watch TV. She loves to play with her toys and she loves to cuddle. She’s become quite the celebrity around the neighborhood. She’s a favorite of the local Starbucks baristas. Her vet is amazed at how well-behaved she is. When we go for walks, we get stopped by pretty much everyone. They want to pet her and ask what kind of dog she is and tell her how beautiful she is. She LOVES it. In fact, if we’re walking and we don’t pass anyone for a while she starts looking for people to tell her she’s pretty. She likes looking at herself in the mirror too and admiring herself, especially if she’s wearing one of her hoodies. She loves to ride in the car with my husband to come pick me up in the evenings from work and she starts getting excited because she knows when it’s getting close to time to leave. I could go on for days about how special Billie is to us, but I would encourage people to find out for themselves what it is that makes this breed so special. We could not have picked a more perfect new family member and we owe that to HMA for making sure that their puppies are well-bred, well-socialized, and well-loved before they go to a new home. We’re already discussing when we can get Billie a playmate. And when we do, we’re going to be going back to HMA. ~Mandy Johnson (for JJ and Billie too) J

Spirit & Bullet Pup

We have had Aussies in the past, never a mini. We “ inherited” 2 Boston Terriers, one older male raised with aussies and a younger female. We wanted a hiking, trail, companion dog that would get along with the Boston’s but wanted to “downsize” but still have an Aussie temperament. From the moment we saw Bodie and talked to HMA, we knew he was the one! We brought him home at 9 weeks and from day 1 , he seemed like he knew this was home. HMA was so helpful, letting us come more than once to see our puppy, and she knew all the puppies dispositions, not what you see with most breeders. Bodie is mellow, gets along great with the Boston’s and even play s differently with both dogs based on their personality. We just finished puppy classes and he learned so fast. He picks up commands quickly and really watches intently. Also found out he Loves the agility course which will be our next class after basic obedience. Also nice to know that if we ever need to board him, he will be able to go back to HMA, which is very reassuring! I would not hesitate to go back to HMA! Diane & Jim Wynn


Hey HMA, Mac is terrific! He is settling in to our house routine so quickly, loves walks on and off the property too! I took him with me to the coast to meet a friend and we walked the boardwalk, which is like Las Vegas for dogs. He was such a good boy! His easygoing and loving temperament is exactly what I needed - you called it well! He and Makita are getting along well, stealing each others food and treats. He does the cutest thing when he gets a treat, he runs around the house looking for hiding places. We've found bones in some very original locations… plants, under cabinets, behind toilets, it's a hoot! We love him and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the perfect match! Amy Pilz

Spirit & Bullet Pup

We just wanted to share how happy we have been with the experience we had with HMA Heavenly Mini Aussies. We recently purchased our first home and wanted to have a dog after so many years of apartment living. We got in contact with HMA and fell in love with our boy Kingston. We both had lots of dogs growing up, but Kingston was by far one of the smartest and easiest dogs to train. He learned to ring the door chimes to go outside to potty in less than a week! He is hilarious and so much fun. He loves playing fetch, bird watching in the backyard, splashing in the water and chewing on toys and treats (he chews and sleeps upside down it's so funny!) Our 2 year old and him are the best of friends, and he has really made our family complete. We get complements wherever we go on how handsome he is! It has truly been a joy working with HMA, and she made us feel right at home...like family! We love coming back to visit! Thank you so much! The Cabreras


I grew up on a ranch with a veterinarian step father whose clinic I worked for during my teen years. Our family has had over 2 dozen dogs in my lifetime, including 3 standard Australian Shepherds. I have known many great dogs on a very personal level and can attest with certainty that Olive is the smartest most uniquely interactive, problem solving dog I've ever known. I love this breed for their smarts and looks and intuition, but this girl blew my expectations out of the water!  In lieu of tedious training techniques, I wait for her to teach me how to communicate with her. She chooses her signals and commands and when I follow her lead, she will respond to a new command within a handful of tries with amazing retention. Within her first year she has a deep understanding of her expected behaviors in different environments and has mastered around 12 showy tricks with ease, some of which are not basic commands. (bowing, switching her rear legs to sprawled instead of tucked and back when prompted, and murmuring/grumbling or growling or barking depending on the type of 'speak' command given.)

 She is wildly affectionate and playful and greets me every morning without fail upon waking by my 'scarf'. (wrapping her lil neck and body around mine for prolonged morning hugs. (she also resorts to this cuddle technique when in trouble, the lil sneak!) When there are behavioral issues or accidents, I can usually tell by the look on her face before I even find any evidence. 

She sits like a human on the couch and watches tv unflinchingly for minutes on end. She even enjoys spying on me and will respond to silent commands through mirrors, with full comprehension of the what she is observing through the looking glass. I'm fairly confident she thinks of herself as 'pretty' by the way she mugs for reflective surfaces after she catches a toy…and by the pictures here, you can see for yourself that she is annoyingly beautiful! I've had to develop a system of avoiding people while we walk so we won't get bogged down with all of her fans. 

The best part: All of these traits, which have wowed our vet and all others who have met her, were all apparent the first day I met her. I knew the kind of dog she was within 30 minutes on meeting her. Any behavioral issues we might still be working on are slight and are most definitely due to my spoiling her rotten and being inconsistent on my end because of her ridiculous cuteness…  This lil HMA superstar is definitely a handful but never has a companion animal been more worth the efforts. 

                                                                      Matt Lasky  

                                                 Owned by "HMA Olyvia Skye Wylde" 

                                                                       aka "Olive"

Dash/Chaz Pup

After a long deployment overseas, I came home to San Diego and I knew that I needed the comfort of a great companion. I was always interested in the Australian Shepherd breed and after some research I chose to focus on finding my perfect Miniature Aussie pup. I stumbled upon Heavenly Mini Aussies and the name is truly fitting. Tricia was quick to respond and answered any questions I had about her litters and was flexible with setting up an introduction with her pups. I remembered meeting Marlo, this shy adorable little red merle whom I just loved at first sight. She was able to work with my schedule during that busy holiday season and I brought him home in January of 2013. From the car ride home and how he passed out in the back seat of my car, I knew he was my kind of dog. I lived alone at the time since I was stationed away from my husband and my family, Marlo was the perfect friend who loved to be a couch potato but also enjoyed just the right amount of play time to wear me out. He was a good looking pup and has grown to be such a handsome guy as well. I get compliments for him wherever we go. He lets me know when someone is at the door and now with a baby at home he is always on the alert. He is the perfect size and was well bred in all aspects. He loves to herd just as his breed is known for but he is very bright and I swear he understands everything I tell him as if he were not just a dog. I love my HMA Mini Aussie and I could not be more grateful to HMA for breeding such an excellent companion. Stephany C.



Koa is doing well! . Koa has completed two 6 week trainings and now is on his third before certification. We also have installed an invisible fence around our yard so he's getting a trainer for that and we have gotten some good advice. Ill mention you if I hear of anyone looking for an Aussie. 

David and Cynthia Norall

We brought Rocket home, from Heavenly Mini Aussies, when he was twelve weeks old. It was plain from the start that he had been raised in a close family environment by HMA and her family. He is a loving little guy and it is fun to watch him playing and running with our three young Grandsons. He is also happy to sit next to us and watch TV. Our vet thinks that Rocket is just a great, healthy little puppy and is very happy that we got him after losing our long time family dog. HMA has made us part of the family at HMA and is available to answer any questions or concerns about Rocket at any time. That is why these dogs are so great. They are cared for before and after they leave HMA home. If you want a healthy, happy puppy talk to HMA.


Jeff and Kathleen Thuner Rocket ~ Spirit/Bullet Pup

From the moment we found Heavenlyminiaussies.com we KNEW we had found a breeder that shared our love of this amazing breed! We wanted a pet, not a show dog, and so many other breeders seemed to focus on only the "show" qualities of their dogs, not their disposition and health. HMA did not ask me what "colors" I wanted. She asked me who the dog was for, (my 11 year old son, Max) and why we wanted an Aussie. We told her we had recently lost our older dogs, within 6 months of each other, 13 and 15 years old, and that our last dog, Freddi, was lonely. HMA made sure we understood the breed, their energy and what to look for in their genetic makeup to ensure a healthy dog, not just a beautiful one. We cannot say enough about this splendid little pup! He is so smart, so much fun, but also a little bundle of love. HMA Zen Master Spot has become part of our family!


Julie Brown

Heavenly Mini Aussies (HMA) is an outstanding breeding family. They are an extremely professional business, and still manage to have a personal touch when it comes to their dogs and new owners. When you pick out a dog you will become a new member to the HMA family, which means that they will always be there when you need them. Fantastic people and dogs!


-Ivan Reyes


Since Maya came home with us she has been a delightful addition to our family. She is very gentle with my little girls and loves to play and keep watch over them. She loves to cuddle on the couch with my husband and knows who the boss is around the house, our cat Zeena. Maya is very brave and survived a Coyote attack last month on our ranch, she is well recovered now and has learned to stay much closer to our home, smart cookie that she is. I would recommend to anyone who is looking for a wonderful dog that Heavenly Mini Aussies is as far as they need look!


- Skye Wright